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If you want to diversify your investments you should explore the Austrian crowdfunding market. With approximately 15 crowdfunding platforms Austrian crowdfunding offers a wide range of investment opportunities, especially in the field of real estate. .

Below you will find a list of Austrian crowdfunding platforms and a description of key players.

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  • The best crowdfunding platform in Austria 

    In Austria operates 15+ crowdfunding platforms that offer a wide variety of investment opportunities for investors from loans to proviate persons to equity investments in start-ups. 

    Best Equity Crowdfunding Platforms in Austria

    Austria is home to many great start-ups who has the potential to become Unicorns and if you want to invest in them you have to check these Austrian Equity crowdfunding platforms.

    Let's start with a Conda which is a pioneer in Austrian crowdinvesting established in 2013. Since that time via Conda 160 has been financed by 36k users. 

    Danube Angels is a member of THE PUTZ CONSULTING GROUP and offers great investments for retail investors. 

    Another great platform is Zmartup offers a wide variety of investments from Equity investments in  Austrian start-ups and lending money to businesses. 

    Check those platforms to find out more about who they work with and what investment opportunities they are offering. 

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    Best crowdlending platforms in Austria

    Crowdlending is a great way to invest money in helping people achieve their goals and businesses grow bigger while providing you with great returns.

    Let’s start with Rockets the biggest player in the Austrian crowdfunding market that offers to invest in a wide range of businesses - with  Rocketsyou can provide loans to sustainable businesses to make the world a better place or make returns from real-estate projects or land money to Austrian businesses. 

    Next is Crowd4Climate which offers you the opportunity to invest even small amounts in promising projects in Austria and developing countries. Thanks to your funding, the project sponsors can implement projects that make a significant contribution to reducing greenhouse gases through energy efficiency measures and the expansion of renewable energy sources.

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    Best Real estate crowdfunding platform in Austria 

    Every investor was thinking about investing in real estate and Real estate crowdfunding makes it available for everyone and these platforms make investing in Austrian real estate easy. 

    There are two big players in real estate crowdfunding in Austria. 35k people have invested in Austrian real estate via  Rendity providing more them 150MEUR in loans from which 60MEUR is already successfully repaid. 

    Another big player is DagobertInvest which allows people to earn up to 12% per year by investing in Austrian real estate and almost 160 MEUR was successfully invested. 

    Real estate crowdfunding offers the best way to invest in property starting with little capital. 

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    Real estate crowdfunding platform in Austria

    Best Donation crowdfunding and Reward crowdfunding platforms in Austria 

    There are around 10 Reward and Donation crowdfunding platforms in Austria that help finance great ideas. 

    Let’s start with a reward crowdfunding platform in Austria.  Tausend Mal Tausend helps finance interesting projects for great rewards like discount vouchers for hotels, cable cars, basically, you name it. I believe in you help support sportsmen for super grates rewards like video greetings, participating trainings, and more I strongly recommend checking this platform. 

    Now let’s move to Donations. 

    EcoCrowd focuses on sustainability and environmental protection. Only projects that comply with the guidelines of the platform can be started. So if you want to make the world a better place check EcoCrowd

    ES GEHT! Is a platform that does a great thing by giving us tools to help kids that need it the most.

    Osterreichisches Rotes Kreuz or Austrian redcross is runing donation crowdfunding platfrom to help theme make reality. 

    The Genossenschaft für Gemeinwohl is the platform for people and organizations with a focus on the common good around the topic of money and finance.