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The Czech crowdfunidng market has a lot of offers. Despite in the Czech Republic operating only around ten platforms most of them are very well established and big players providing great investment opportunities. If you want to invest in EUR or CZK you should explore the Czech Republic crowdfunding market.

Below you will find a list of Czech crowdfunding platforms to invest in from real-estate crowdfunding till peer to peer marketplace platforms.

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  • The best crowdfunding platform in the Czech Republic 

    In the Czech Republic operates 10+ crowdfunding platforms that offer various investment opportunities for investors from loans to private persons to invoice trading. 

    Best crowdlending platforms in the Czech Republic 

    Crowdlending is a great way to invest money in helping people achieve their goals and businesses grow bigger while providing you with great returns.

    Fingood is a very good platform on which people can invest in loans and get up to 12% returns and already almost 1 billion CZK has been returned to investors. FinBee Czechia allows people to earn up to 25% p.a. from loan investments. Zonky is another player in Peer-to-peer lending that helps people make money by helping others get money.

    Ofcourse you have to check a leader of Crowdlending in Chech Republic Bankerat on which investors' average return rate 38% p.a. and 1.2 billion CZK was invested in loans. 

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    Best Real estate crowdfunding platform in the Czech Republic

    Every investor is thinking about investing in real estate and Real estate crowdfunding makes it available for everyone and these platforms make investing in Czech real estate easy. 

    Let’s start with Roier one of the biggest players in the Czech real estate crowdfunding market that provides average returns of 8.7 % and investors invested more than 300 M CZK helped 200+ projects raise money. 

    If you want to invest money by providing loans to Czech real estate development projects you should check Occollo

    Investown is a great platform that provides investors with an easy-to-use mobile app to invest in Czech real estate and till now more than 83 MEURs have been invested.

    If you not a fan of loans you can buy shares in Czech rental real estate by investing on  Fintown platform. 

    Real estate crowdfunding offers the best way to invest in property starting with little capital. 

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    Best Peer to peer marketplace platforms and Invoice trading platforms in the Czech Republic 

    Peer-to-peer marketplace platforms are a type of crowdfunding where investors do not invest directly in loans but rather buy shares in already issued loans by non-bank lending companies.

    Such a model can provide investors with a wider offering and the possibility for diversification, learn more here

    So if you want to invest on peer-to-peer marketplace platforms you should check Bondster. On Bondster people can invest in car loans, consumer loans, and business loans and earn up to 16% p.a. Till now almost 200 mEUR was invested in loans from almost 30 countries. 

    If you are looking for something different Roger is a great option. Roger is offering people to invest in invoices which is called invoice trading or factoring via auction. Roger auction works like this people deposit money select an auction and place a bid amount of yield that they want to receive and if you have offered a lower yield you win. When the invoice receiver pays back you get your money back + interest. For more safety, some invoices can be insured.