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Germany is one of the biggest crowdfunding markets in the EU where operates more than 80 Crowdfunding platforms offering all the major crowdfunding types for fundraisers and investors. In Germany, all crowdfunding types are very well developed so you will be able to invest in start-ups, and real estate and provide loans to businesses and people starting with a few hundred Euros. Germany has a unique approach towards donation and reward Crowdfunding and cooperation among Banks and crowdfunding platforms.

Crowdfunding regulation: Regulation on European Crowdfunding Service Providers. Crowdfunding association in Germany: See more below where we described all the most interesting crowdfunding platforms in Germany.

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  • Best crowdfunding platform in Germany 

    Currently in Germany operates more than 80 Crowdfunding platforms covering all crowdfunding types.  

    Best Equity crowdfunding platforms in Germany

    Invesdor and Companisto are the biggest Equity crowdfunding platforms in Germany.

    Besides Invesdor and Companisto in Germany operate 10+ more great platforms offering people investing in start-ups an easy way, including Finteo, Aescuvest, FunderNation, Seedmatch, and more 

    There are many platforms with specialization like Wiwin, Africa GreenTec, and Aescuvest that offer to invest in sustainable companies. 

    But there are even more On Charge offers for you to invest in electric public chargers.  FINEXITY allows people to invest in luxury assets like art, watches, Wine, Classic cars, and more starting with 1 EUR. 

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    Real estate crowdfunding platform in Germany

    In Germany operate 20+ real estate crowdfunding platforms. The biggest and best are PlanetHome Investment, Bergfurst, ZinsbausteinEngel & Volkers Digital Invest, Bonafide Investment, Exporo and many more great platforms. 

    We can find different investments buy to let allowing you to invest in properties that will be rented out, buy to sell that offer you investments in development projects. You will find platforms that will offer you the option to buy shares in property or provide loans with fixed income.

    Real estate crowdfunding officers best way to invest in property starting with little capital. 

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    Best Peet to peer and crowdlending platforms in Germany 

    In Germany, many great crowdfunding platforms offer investors opportunities to invest by providing loans to private persons and businesses. 

    Through platforms like Conda, MoneywellAuxmoney, etc. investors have invested hundreds of millions in loans. 

    Germany is definitely a champion when it comes to sustainable investments. If you want to invest in projects that make the world a better place you definitely have to look at German crowdlending platforms like Econeers, Ecoligo, bettervest, Ecozins, and more.

    In Germany, there is also a very interesting thing that Banks own crowdfunding platforms for example in crowdlending there are two DKB Crowd and GLS Crowd 

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    Best Reward crowdfunding platforms in Germany /Best donation crowdfunding platforms in Germany

    Donation crowdfunding and Reward crowdfunding are well-developed in  Germany, but it has are social focus. 

    There are Donation and Reward crowdfunidng platforms created for servicing community needs like SCHWARZWALD-CROWD, Stralsund Crowd, and Potsdam Crowd. These platforms run community projects from raising funds from the community to building a playground or helping families in need. We truly believe that every city or suburb should have such platforms.

    Besides community crowdfunding platforms there are also bigger players like Duren crowd focusing on social projects, largest donation crowdfunding platform in Germany for social needs, Fair Plaid donation crowdfunding platform focusing on Sports, Startnext is also a large player allowing people to rise money for their ideas.

    Donation and Reward are not just fun, you can substantially improve the environment where you live by mobilizing the community, supporting people in need, and supporting great ideas!