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Latvia's crowdfunding industry has been steadily growing, establishing itself as a notable part of the country's financial ecosystem. With a supportive regulatory environment and a burgeoning entrepreneurial culture, Latvia offers various crowdfunding models, including rewards-based, donation-based, equity-based, and lending-based platforms.

Crowdfunding has gained traction as an alternative financing method for startups, creative projects, social initiatives, and small businesses. This text provides an overview of the crowdfunding landscape in Latvia, exploring the volumes, trends, and market opportunities within the country's dynamic crowdfunding market.

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  • The best crowdfunding platform in Latvia

    In Latvia operates around 10 crowdfunding platforms that offer a wide range of investment options but leaders are definitely peer-to-peer marketplaces and it is fair to say that Latvia is the TOP peer-to-peer marketplace country. 

    Best Peer-to-peer marketplace platforms in Latvia 

    Peer-to-peer marketplace platforms are a type of crowdfunding where investors do not invest directly in loans but rather buy shares in already issued loans by non-bank lending companies.

    Such a model can provide investors with a wider offering and the possibility for diversification, learn more here

    The biggest peer-to-peer marketplace platform operating in Latvia and it is Mintos. Mintos offers you to invest in loans issued in ~50 countries in 10+ currencies that allow you to build a diversified portfolio with a few clicks. The average rate on Mintos is ~1 0% p.a. and in total 10 billion was invested on Mintos making it the biggest platform in Europe. 

    Besides Mintos there are more great platforms to invest in. 

    TWINO with cumulative investments of more than a billion EUR is one of the biggest peer-to-peer marketplace platforms in Europe that is used by 60 thousand investors. TWINO recently expanded its offering and now provides investors the possibility to invest in real estate projects. 

    Viainvest is part of and offers investors to invest in loans issued by group companies. Till now investments on Viainvest are close to half a billion.


    Best crowdlending platforms in Latvia

    Crowdlending plays a significant role in a country's economy offering people to make better returns and helping underbanked small and medium companies to get funding. 

    Capitalia is one of the biggest crowdlending platforms in Baltic states that has helped to raise funding over 100 MEUR for companies in the Baltics and on the other hand offered investors to earn up to 18. P.a.

    LANDE is a crowdlending platform that specializes in loans to farmers which makes it a great option to invest. LANDE provides investors with the possibility to make money by investing in loans issued to farmers around Europe. 

    Learn more about crowd-lending here

    Best Equity Crowdfunding Platforms in Latvia

    In Latvia operates two very interesting Equity crowdfunding platforms. 

    Fintelum combines two worlds Crypto and  Crowdfunding and offers investors to buy shares in companies that work in the Crypto industry.

    CrowdedHero is another Equity crowdfunding platform from Latvia that you should check. CrowdedHero is a relatively new platform but growing fast and offering great investment opportunities. 

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