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Spain is one of the biggest crowdfunding markets in Europe offering all major types of crowdfunding and offering people great investment opportunities. In Spain operates 30+ crowdfunding platforms that might be your next best investment partner.

With the introduction of Europen Crowdfunding Service provider regulation Spanish crowdfunding market became available to all Europeans. Find more information about Spanish crowdfunding platforms below.

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  • The best crowdfunding platform in Spain

    In Spain operates 30+ crowdfunding platforms but offers all major crowdfunding types.  

    Best Equity Crowdfunding Platforms in Spain

    If you are looking for investment opportunities in Spanish startups you definitely have to check these platforms. Fellow Funders offering investors to buy shares in Spanish real estate and Spanish companies and till today investors have invested 50 MEUR via  Fellow Funders. Another great platform in  SegoFinance offers a wide range of investments from investing in Spanish startups, or buying invoices with discounts from Spanish companies and investing in real estate in Spain.Startupxplore is a premium platform that offers investment opportunities in companies at an early stage but with great prospects for growth and profitability.

    Capital Cell is the biggest Equity crowdfunding platform in Spain focusing on Healttech, helping companies to raise over 90 MEUR. 

    Should be mentioned that Crowdcube has obtained a Europen Crowdfunidng Service provider license in Spain.

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    Real estate crowdfunding platform in Spain 

    Real Estate crowdfunding is very well developed in Spain and allows people to start building their real estate portfolio starting with a few hundred EUR.

    Currently in Spain operates around 15 real estate crowdfunding platforms. Urbanitae is one of the biggest real estate crowdfunding platforms in Europe offering investors to invest in rental properties, buy shares in development projects, and issue loans to real estate developers. 

    Another great platform is Housers PFP that have a very user-friendly platform and provides great offering.


    Civislend is a licensed investment and crowdfunding platform that serves as a meeting point between investors and real estate developers.

    And we already mentioned  Fellow Funders and SegoFinance which among other investments offer to invest in Spanish real estate. 

    Real estate crowdfunding offers the best way to invest in property starting with little capital. 

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    Best crowdlending platforms in Spain and Invoice trading and Factoring platforms

    In Spain, the biggest crowdlending platforms that are offering investors to issue loans to businesses are also offering invoice trading or so-called factoring meaning investors can provide loans that will be secured with invoices or buy invoices with a discount let’s say 98% of invoice value and when debtor pay investor receive 100% of the invoice thus making 2% in ~3 months.

    MytripleA is the biggest player offering both lending and invoice trading via which 380 MEUR funding was obtained. 

    Zank is another big player that offers investors to make +8% returns by providing loans to private individuals in Spain. 

    Crealsa is one of the biggest invoice trading platforms in Europe via which more than 500 MEUR was invested but they have a relatively big minimum investment of 10TEUR.. 

    Besides mentioned we would like also to mention the platform Fundeen via which people can invest in wind and solar farms in the form of loans. Using EthicHub you can invest in farms in Latin America.  

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