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The United Kingdom is hailed as the birthplace and home country of modern crowdfunding and its investment volumes are the biggest in Europe reaching around 10 billion pounds per year. This fundraising model in the UK encompasses various types, catering to diverse needs. Equity crowdfunding allows investment in businesses, while donation-based platforms support charitable causes. Reward-based options offer non-financial incentives, and debt-based crowdfunding involves lending for interest. What distinguishes the UK's crowdfunding scene is its stringent regulation. The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) oversees crowdfunding activities, enforcing regulations introduced in 2014 under the Financial Services and Markets Act.

These rules ensure transparency and investor protection, fostering trust and driving substantial investments into projects. Additionally, the UK hosts crowdfunding associations like the UK Crowdfunding Association (UKCFA). These bodies advocate industry standards, educate stakeholders, and promote collaboration within the sector. The UK's pivotal role in crowdfunding, coupled with its robust regulatory framework and diverse models, underscores its global leadership. Its continuous evolution fuels innovation and facilitates access to capital for ventures and impactful initiatives, marking the UK as an influential force in the crowdfunding landscape.

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  • Best crowdfunding platform in the UK

    Currently in UK operates more than 80 Crowdfunding platforms covering all crowdfunding, 

    Best Equity crowdfunding platforms in the UK

    Seedrs and Crowdcube are the biggest Equity crowdfunding platforms in the UK and in the whole of Europe providing people the possibility to invest in startups starting with a few 100 pounds. 

    Besides Seedrs and Crowdcube in the UK operate many great platforms offering people investing in start-ups in easy ways including Leapfunder, Growthdeck, Angels Den, Eureeca, etc. 

    But if you want to invest in startups you can invest in Wisky on WhiskyInvestDirectArt on, and in legal cases on AxiaFunder.

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    Real estate crowdfunding platform in the UK

    In the UK operate 30+ real estate crowdfunding platforms. The biggest and best are CrowdProperty, Proplend, Kuflink, Loanpad and many more great platforms. 

    We can find different investments buy to let allowing you to invest in properties that will be rented out, buy to sell that offer you investments in development projects. You will find platforms that will offer you the option to buy shares in property or provide loans with fixed income.

    Real estate crowdfunding officers best way to invest in property starting with little capital. 

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    Best Peet to peer and crowdlending platforms in the UK

    In the UK many great crowdfunding platforms offer investors opportunities to invest by providing loans to private persons and businesses. 

    Through platforms like Abundance InvestmentLendingCrowd, HNW Lending, FOLK2FOLK , Triodos Crowdfunding, Downing Crowd, etc. investors have invested hundreds of millions in loans. 

    If you looking for investments that make the world a better place there are a number of platforms like Triodos Crowdfunding and Abundance Investment that offer investments in sustainable projects. As well you can invest money by providing loans to students for education making your investments meaningful. 

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    Best Reward crowdfunding platforms in the UK /Best donation crowdfunding platforms in the UK

    Reward crowdfunding and Donation crowdfunding are not as popular in Europe as well as in the UK as it is in the USA where platforms like Kickstarter, Indiegogo, and GoFundMe have tens of millions of users and raise billions per year. 

    But in the UK there are few great players. CrowdJustice helps people to raise money for legal protection. Crowdfunder is the most popular platform in the UK where people raise money for good projects and in return receive gifts or +1000 to karma. 

    Unbound and Crowdbound are a platform where writers can raise money to publish their books.