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The French crowdfunding market is one of the biggest in the EU. More than 50 crowdfunding platforms offer all main types of crowdfunding from Equity crowdfunding to donations. One of the main differences of Franch crowdfunding is that most big platforms are not focusing just on the type of crowdfunding but offer 3 main types Equity Crowdfunding (investing in start-ups), Crowdlending (lending money to businesses), and Real Estate Crowdfunding which makes them very interesting for investors given wide offering.

And definitely, you need to check French donation and reword crowdfunding platforms that are some of the biggest in the world. Regulation: " Regulation on European Crowdfunding Service Providers". Crowdfunding association: See more below where we described all the most interesting crowdfunding platforms in France

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  • Best crowdfunding platform in France 

    In France operates 40+ crowdfunding platforms but despite it is 2 times less than in Germany and Italy, volumes wise France is at the TOP.  

    Best Equity Crowdfunding Platforms in France 

    In France, bigger players are not focusing just on one crowdfunding type but offering several to provide wider offerings to investors and fundraisers. 

    The biggest platforms that among others offer Equity crowdfunding are Tylia Invest through which investors have invested more than 700 MEUR in startups,  real estate, and businesses.Wiseed has more than 200k registered investors that invested 400 MEUR. Tudigo is another great platform that allows people to invest in startups and businesses starting from 1000 EUR. You should also explore  GwenneG if you want to invest in Franche companies or raise capital for your businesses. 

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    Real estate crowdfunding platform in France 

    You can start investing in Franch real estate starting with a few 100 EURs with Real estate crowdfunding platforms. 

    ClubFunding is the biggest Real estate crowdfunding in the EU, through ClubFunding for 6,800+ projects was collected one billion EUR. Another significant player is Anaxago which allows people to invest in many different assets but primarily in real estate and it collected over 900 MEUR.  Raizers is another top player in European real estate crowdfunding that you should explore. Via FundImmo investors have provided more than 300MEUR loans for real estate projects with an average annual return of 9%. 

    Lendopolis is the biggest real estate crowdfunding platform focusing on renewable energy projects and has helped to fund green energy projects in the amount of +200MEUR. 

    Real estate crowdfunding offers the best way to invest in property starting with little capital. 

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    Best crowdfunding platforms in France

    In France operates many great crowdlending platforms that offer people to invest in loans issued to d businesses. 

    The top player and must-review platform is October which helped to raise over 1 billion EUR for European small and medium businesses. October cooperates with several organizations and institutions to help make funding more secure for investors and more available for businesses. 

    Besides October in France operates such great crowdlending platforms like Enerfip which offers people to invest in renewable projects and make great returns. Lendosphere has helped to raise over 250 MEUR for renewable energy projects. MiiMOSA offers investors to invest in agricultural business and till now has helped to secure funding over 120 MEUR. 

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    Best Reward crowdfunding platforms in France /Best donation crowdfunding platforms in France

    Donation and Reward are not just fun, you can substantially improve the environment where you live by mobilizing the community, supporting people in need, and supporting great ideas!

    In the France operates a few very well-known and big platforms that could be compared with Indiegogo and Kickstarter. Leetchi helps people to raise funds from the community and friends for their needs and ideas as well as to support charity organizations, till today over  Leetchi is used by 22 million people and helped to raise close to 1 billion EUR. 

    KissKissBankBank is a reward crowdfunding platform used by 3 million people to support great ideas and raise funding for their own ideas.