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Italy is one of the biggest crowdfunding markets in the EU where operates more than 60 Crowdfunding platforms offering all the major crowdfunding types for fundraisers and investors. The most interesting part about Italian crowdfunding is that the majority of platforms (around 30%) offer Equity crowdfunding services. In Italy, it is very well-developed invoice trading platforms but they are mostly available for institutional or sophisticated investors.

Crowdfunding regulation: Regulation on European Crowdfunding Service Providers Regulator: Commissione Nazionale per le Società e la Borsa (Consob) See more below where we described all the most interesting crowdfunding platforms in Italy.

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  • Best crowdfunding platform in Italy 

    Currently in Italy operates more than 60 Crowdfunding platforms covering all crowdfunding types.  

    Best Equity Crowdfunding Platforms in Italy

    Equity crowdfunding is very well developed in Italy, more than 30% of platforms provide Equity crowdfunding services.

    Mamacrowd and CrowdFundMe are the biggest Equity crowdfunding platforms in Italy.

    Besides Mamacrowd and CrowdFundMe in Italy operate 20 more great platforms offering people investing in start-ups an easy way, including Azimut Direct which has serviced  +250 companies providing funding in the form of Equity and Loans, BacktoWork is Equity crowdfunding platform owned by Banking Group Intesa Sanpaolo SPA. Opstart is another great Equity crowdfunding platform from Italy that is part of a group of Crowdfunding platforms. 

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    Real estate crowdfunding platform in Italy

    You can start investing in Italian real estate starting with a few 100 EURs with Real estate crowdfunding platforms. In Italy operate around 20 Real estate crowdfunding platforms like Recrowd through which retail investors invested more than 100 million EUR. More than 33k people have invested via the platform Rendimentoetico in Italian real estate. Through Trusters investors have invested in more than 300 real estate projects in Italy. 

    Walliance is one of the biggest Real estate crowdfunding platforms that offer to invest in Italian real estate in the form of loans and equity meaning you become the owner of real estate. 

    Real estate crowdfunding offers the best way to invest in property starting with little capital. 

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    Best Peet to peer and crowdlending platforms in Italy 

    In Italy operates many great peer-to-peer lending platforms and crowdlending platforms offering people to invest in loans issued to people and businesses. 

    Soisy is one of the biggest peer-to-peer lending platforms in Italy offering people to invest in loans provided to people who shop online. 

    EvenFi allows people to invest in loans issued to Italian Businesses. With Ener2Crowd people can invest in 100% green projects and earn great returns. Re-Lender offers to support businesses and provide loans while making +10% p.a.. 

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    Best Reward crowdfunding platforms in Italy /Best donation crowdfunding platforms in Italy

    In Italy, there are several great donations and reward crowdfunidng platforms. 

    Produzioni dal Basso is used by almost half a million users that provide funding for +8000 great ideas. 

    Bookabook offers readers to support writers by helping them publish their books. 

    Besides those donation platforms in Italy operates several great donations and reward crowdfunding platforms, Let's Donation, and Bumers. Also, there are a few more publishing platforms Crowdbooks and Flacowski

    And ofcourse we have to mention the donation crowdfunding platform owned by Intesa Sanpaolo. 

    Donation and Reward are not just fun, you can substantially improve the environment where you live by mobilizing the community, supporting people in need, and supporting great ideas!